Octave 40 Ranch offers high quality semen from carefully selected sires. We deliver in-depth genetic information and stand behind by our unmatched warranty.

Speckle Park semen

By building on the wisdom of nature, we ensure the legacy of this prized, Canadian breed, lives on strong.

Semen is available for the following sires

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Integrity in everything

With a sophisticated, science-backed approach, we partner with highly specialized, trusted and respected veterinarians to ensure you have an outstanding experience with Octave 40 Ranch semen.

We offer ongoing crossbreeding consultations, giving you the protocols and selling points you need to communicate the positive changes about your crossbred herd.

Our unbeatable warranty

We offer an unbeatable warranty on semen from our sires.

We’re strategic and experienced, making smooth transportation and reliable traceability a priority.

Why choose Speckle Park?

  • Crossbreeding with Speckle Park will tame the temperaments of other breeds
  • Speckle Park thrives in both hot and cold climates
  • With scrotal measurements in excess of 38cm, sires have a prolific target conception rate of 90%
  • Desirable motherly tendencies: Heifers are incredibly nurturing of their young (increased calf survival rate)
  • Lower complications at birth due to long neck extension, smoother shoulders and low birth weight. Our target birth weight: 80lbs (kg) to 90lbs (kg).
  • Calves have accelerated growth, from weaning through adulthood.
  • Black eyes make them less susceptible to sun related disorders
  • Tested and 100% clear of all recessive genes: Non-myostatin, homozygous black and homozygous polled
  • Lack of horns and calm character enhances safety and reduces stress for breeders and their herds
  • High-conversion carcasses made up of 60% to 65% quality meat
  • Refined flavour and superb marbling
  • Square-shape and medium-framed, rounded front and back ends offer 50-100lbs of fatless back meat

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