With respect for the rhythm of the land and the circle of life, we’re restoring the traditional family farm.

Raised to redefine

From our ranch to your grill, we produce masterful cattle products for the local food market, Canadian purebred and commercial breeders, and the global genetic material market.

Our family has a simple goal, to strive to do what is right for our breed, our land and our community.

Our philosophy

Here, we don’t follow the herd. We see the flaws and ethical issues in large-scale factory farming and the commoditization of the family farm. We pause to ask the all-important question: How do we make this right? The answer is found in the finer things: Integrity, quality and transparency.

Octave 40 Ranch blends timeless practices with modern methodologies. We build on the wisdom of nature. We’re stewards—ethics and integrity drive each and every one of our processes. Producing purebred Speckle Park sires, heifers, embryos and steers, we ensure the legacy of this prized Canadian breed lives on strong.

The prized Speckle Park breed


Originating from Saskatchewan, Canada, Speckle Park cattle are named for their brilliantly speckled black and white coats. Development of the breed began in the 1950s. Speckle Park cattle are descendants of the British beef breeds Teeswater Shorthorn, Aberdeen Angus, and British White. As one of the newest breeds (officially recognized by the Canadian government in 2006), demand for Speckle Park exports is increasing, with the US, Australia and New Zealand being popular importers of the animals and genetics.


This sought-after Canadian beef breed is renowned for its enhanced crossbreeding outcomes, high fertility rates, docile temperament, sturdiness, and highly marbled high-conversion carcasses. The breed also thrives in both hot and cold climates, which makes it an exceptional performer in Canada, as well as arid areas of the world.


Sturdy, calm, and gentle – crossbreeding with Speckle Park tames the temperaments of other breeds. Octave 40 Ranch Speckle Park are genetically tested and are 100% clear of all recessive genes (non-myostatin, homozygous black and homozygous polled). Poled trait and calm character enhance safety and reduce stress for breeders and their herds.


The Speckle Park breed is celebrated for its high-conversion carcass, made up of 61% to 65% quality meat. This flavourful, marbled, tender, and juicy beef is sought-after by butchers and beef buyers. The breed is known for its consistency, high quality, and minimal outer fat layers.

Our unbeatable warranty

Octave 40 Ranch offers an unmatched warranty on all aspects of our business. We stand by our word with complete transparency and integrity.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, we’ll make it right. Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase in unopened and unspoiled packaging.

We’re here to help

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