With an unmatched warranty on all of our Speckle Park products, here, modern ranching is harmonious, sophisticated and always respectful—the way nature intended.

Raised to Redefine

On the golden canvas of the great Canadian prairies, our Albertan cattle ranch is doing something different. From our ranch to your grill, we produce masterful cattle products for the local food market, Canadian purebred and commercial breeders ,and the global genetic material market.


Crossbreeding with Speckle Park will greatly improve your commercial herd.

Cows & Hiefers

Our heifers are very fertile, are nurturing of their young and offer excellent milk production.


No other ranch will beat our commitment to delivering you the highest quality Speckle Park embryos available today.

Local Beef

Speckled Park steers offer excellent marbling and refined flavour profiles.

We stand behind our products with a buy-back warranty.